Turning a whole lot of twaddle into something beautiful.

ShowHow is embracing real-world learning with immersive 360 video, but had a product that was complex and hard to use. I worked alongside the ShowHow team to create a new brand and then simplify the product UX and applied design principles to help guide the user as they used the product.

Engineering New Zealand had recently rebranded and needed help applying the bold new look to their website. In the process we revised the entire site's structure and improved the UX so the great content they had could be easily accessed by aspiring engineers and existing members.

While working at Springload I got the chance to help create the UI for a new Earthquake visualisation being featured in the relaunched Te Taiao area. The goal was to surface major events along with showing how many quakes are occuring everyday in New Zealand.

Tane Upjohn-Beatson is a world class composer and sound designer based Wellington. I worked with him to create a site that features his latest work in a visually engaging way and makes it easy to listen to his work.

Our Energy have created a market place for local energy producers to buy, sell and trade the energy they produce. I helped create their original site and also developed an updated design based on them moving to more of a consumer focussed model.